Reviews | music & gear reviews, a tribute and some DIY projects

Welcome to my reviews and projects page. I have some album and concert reviews, a tribute as well as info on and pictures of audio electronics projects I'm working on now or I have worked on in the past.



  moe. - No Guts, No Glory


  Yes - Close To the Edge





  Kmise - Us Dream distortion pedal




  Kmise - Digital Delay pedal




  Kmise - Vintage Phase pedal










   Kmise - Ultimate Distortion pedal









  CAD GXL1200 microphone mod








  Naiant littlekit microphone pre-amp




  Naiant littlekit pre-amp (update!)




 Micro capsule active cables




  DIY, low profile, stereo, microphone shock mount




  Nady SCM-1000 large diaphragm switchable patterns microphone mod




  Sound board patch cables